President's Report for July 25, 2014 Governing Council (edited)

July 15, 2014 5:04 PM | Michelle L. Myer

It appears that folks have been quite busy since we wrapped up our annual meeting in May.  The Shoe Drive was completed with nearly a ton of shoes collected and over $500 raised towards Association activities.  Special thanks go to Chair Lillie Hall, and to the entire family of our President-elect Johnese Bostic for storage, labor, and logistical support.

The Golf Tournament Committee has set a date and venue for this event in September.  A save the date flier has been sent from the website and the website is getting final tweaks to start registrations.  Even if you are like me and have no clubs or skills in golf, there may be a way for you to support this very worthwhile project.  Go ahead and put in your leave requests for that Friday, and enjoy your long weekend after the tournament concludes.

Our President-elect, whose report I look forward to reading, has hit the ground running on our Health Inequities Grant and our Annual Meeting for 2015.  We will have an abstract-submissions process for the annual conference, which should allow us to get speakers who are interested in and invested in sharing their knowledge and discoveries with our Association’s membership. 

Myer & Bostic @ APHA President Elect Training

Like our Program Committee, our Convention Coordinators are already working on next year’s meeting.  They are in the negotiations process for meeting space – any may soon have a venue and proposal upon which to vote.  

Tentative dates are Wednesday through Friday, May 20-22.  GC meeting on May 19, followed by Early Bird Reception. 

Many, many folks gave input into the development of our final budget accounting for the annual meeting.  Thanks to those who assisted Lillie with this difficult task.

So, this sounds like a recitation of what other folks are doing.  What have I been doing? 

  • Watching email traffic and being again amazed at the amount of coordination needed to manage this Association.  Also, continuing to be amazed at the stamina of our volunteers.
  • Figuring out how to conduct polls from our website.  We will be using this functionality frequently in the next year.
  • Responding to APHA emails.
  • Working to identify chairs of committees.  Encouraging long-time chairs to start a mentoring process for some of our more challenging roles.
  • Sending thank you notes to speakers from May’s Annual Meeting.
  • Strategizing with lots of you.
  • Determining what is feasible to try to implement from the wonderful President-elect training in Washington in June.
  • Preparing a draft calendar of emails to go to the membership.
  • Working on the draft of a revision to the Bulletin.  After the Summer 2014 issues, which Gloria is completing (may have completed by the time this meeting is held), we will be experimenting with a monthly emailed newsletter of infinitely variable length, with as much info as is submitted or needed.  I have created a portal on the website for committee chairs and section chairs to use to share information that others need.  I will demo the page during our meeting for those present in N200.
What is next?  Glad you asked.

Many of our Governing Council members will meet for s leadership and strategic planning retreat on Saturday, August 23.  We have a strong leadership core, many of whom could present the Association overview blindfolded (and still advance the slides correctly…!)  

During the retreat, we will review what is critical for newer leaders, and then work hard on the existential question -- why are we here?  What I hope we get from this day is the start of an answer to Joyce Gaufin’s question: What do you do that would be missed (or greatly missed) if you suddenly ceased to exist?  What value do we bring to others in our professions and areas of interest?  Our Association leadership each has parts of the answers to those questions; we need to discuss honestly where we go from where we are.

Thank you again for your support.

Dr. Myer

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